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       According to Sahin, “In Turkey, hair is an art and that philosophy is reflected in my choice of a name for my salon, as Sanat means ‘art’ in Turkish.” As an all-around beauty expert and experienced veteran of the fashion show circuit, he has a deep commitment to delivering a superior quality experience. 
 Yusel Sahin, owner of the Sanat Hair Salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, says that year-round (and especially during the summer), celebrities say “no” to frizz by getting keratin treatments for sleeker and elegant hair.  ”Additionally, just like 
the rest of us, celebrities like tolighten their hair in the summer,” says UK.  ”Everyone goes blonder, wanting the desirable ”sunkissed” image. For brunettes like AngelinaJolie, her dark brown hair tends to be lowlighted only one level lighter than her normal hue. This is a very natural and sexy color for her that goes perfect with her skin.
 A Turkish Twist on the Upper East Side
The wizard of quaff, although incredibly talented, also has a humanitarian side that deeply committed to more important issues . A long time champion of Locks of love a non profit organization that provides hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States
and Canada who are suffering from long -term medical , is a cause to close to his heart,the sense of spirit is not only alive and well in his uniquely cozy salon, but eagerly shared with his committed clientele that include an array of celebrities.                                                                 
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Author:Doug Singer   Rated  4 star
I’ve been told my hair is a bit of a melting pot.It’s Jewish curls, Japanese straightened for years,with a Brazilian  Keratin treatment thrown in for good measure a few times a year.Perhaps it was time to throw another corner of the world into the mix. I’ve heard that in Turkey, some women get styled twice a day, and a hairdresser is forced to become something of a generalist –  an expert with a hair dryer, coloring, scissors, and even nail care.
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